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The Checkered Eye Project

People wearing this symbol have partial blindness aka low vision.


NOTE: Checkered eye emblems are sold only for people on the blindness spectrum.  They are not for showing support of the project. If you’d like to support the Checkered Eye awareness effort, please consider buying one of the t-shirts shown below or making a donation. Thank you.

Please call for wholesale or bulk orders (more than 12)  (519) 389-4956.To order by mail, send a completed order form or letter containing the same information (where to send it and how many of each format you'd like), along with payment,  to:

The Checkered Eye Project
409 Peirson Avenue,
Port Elgin, ON  N0H 2C1

We can accept payment by personal check, money order, or e-mail money transfer.

Checks or money orders are payable to The Checkered Eye Project.  Do not add taxes.



                      ************   $12 minimum   **********


           for   FREE  shipping of online orders to Canada or the US.




Call or e-mail to discuss shipping elsewhere. 


2 1/4 inch Pin/Button



* mouse over image to see alternate view.


1 1/2 inch Pin/Button



* mouse over image to see alternate view.


2 inch Acrylic Pendant

2 inch acrylic pendant on a 30 inch ball chain


* mouse over image to see alternate view.


2" Metal Pendant

2" pendant, raised metal with enamel, on a 30" ball chain.



2 inch sticker

clothing safe sticker

$4.00/10 stickers

(Not recommended for silk or suede.)



black with white checkered eye printed off center.

fits S - M. contact us for L.



2 inch Patch




"Smashed checkers" t-shirt

black shirt with white and gray image, web address




Blindness Is A Spectrum t-shirt

black with white "Blinndness is a" logo





Donations:the CEP is a not for profit corporation.  If you are a business, you can claim your donation under "advertizing".  

* mouse over image to see alternate view.


The Checkered Eye Project (CEP) has made a commitment to do more than spread awareness of the spectrum of blindness. It’s now supporting Orbis and their various programs around the world.

80% of all CEP sales from Dec. 1st until the end of White Cane Week (1st week of February) each year, will go to Orbis. The rest of the year we will continue to donate 20%. We also hope some of you will Click here to go to the Orbis/CEP page and donate directly to them.

Orbis logo
Click to go to CEP/Orbis donation page.

Orbis is a global non-profit organization that helps ensure no one loses their sight to a preventable, treatable disease, and they’ve got a flying eye hospital!

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