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The Checkered Eye Project

People wearing this symbol have partial blindness aka low vision.



The Checkered Eye Ball!

On Sunday, May 6th, 2018,I had a ball at the first ever Checkered Eye Ball! Five different bands performed and kept everyone grooving. People were interested in the blindness simulations. The Old Nick, a downtown Toronto bar where we held the event, had a busier than usual Sunday, and the Checkered Eye Project told some more folks that people wearing the checkered eye symbol are on the blindness spectrum.

We gave away and sold some items that are not only very cool, they help inform others about what the symbol means. My favorites of these items are the "smashed checkers" t-shirts and the "Blindness is a Spectrum" t-shirts.  I also like the coasters very much.

We had 2 types of blindness simulations: low tech and high tech.  The low tech ones were glasses with the lenses obscured in various ways to depict different eye conditions.  I've noticed however, that depicting a central blind spot with glasses is not likely to give an acurate impression to peopl with average sight, as they will naturally "look around" the spot we put on the lenses.  So, I had a computer simulation devised, using eye tracking hardware.  This is way more "freaky" according to the average sighted people who tried it, and found that the blind spot followed there gaze whereever they placed it.  

I personally enjoyed chatting with all the generous people who contributed to the days success, and of course putting on an over the top stage outfit and singing some jazzy little numbers!

There will be more Checkered Eye Balls so stay tuned for one near you!


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