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The Checkered Eye Project

People wearing this symbol have partial blindness aka low vision.



Crazy Airplane Stunt

I'm going to pull a 60 ton plane across the tarmac by myself!

I'm getting a bit cranky about how slow this awareness effort is going so I've decided to ramp things up a bit.  Here's a press release I've been sending out in hopes of catching some attention:

Partially sighted Grandmother to single handedly pull 60 ton plane for Sight.

Orbis, with their flying eye hospital has an annual fund raiser involving teams pulling a giant cargo plane. The Checkered Eye Project educates about the blindness spectrum and the wearable symbol for partial blindness, the checkered eye. Both need public awareness so checkered eye creator Libby Thaw plans to single handedly pull the 60-ton jet to raise funds and understanding.

Like moving this big plane, informing the entire world about what the checkered eye symbol means is an enormous task. I’ve been working at it for over 18 years and I’m not getting any younger. Since It’s still not widely recognized I’m trying this crazy stunt to boost awareness.

On Sunday June 9th, at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, groups of up to 20 people will gather to see if they can pull a 60 ton jet 20 feet for fund raising team building and fun. Libby will be a team of one.

Here's a link to my fundraising page:…

So that press release has resulted in a few local outlets interviewing me so far.  I hope some more will show up at the event. 

Regardless of professional camera crews, I will have some photos and videos taken on the big day and share that later.  

I've already got some pics and videos of me "in training".

Holly and Frank at Fitness corner graciously allowwed me to use their facility and were a lot of fun at the shoot.

At the plane pull I plan to wear a very flamboyant outfit and mingle around at least informing the people there about the checkered eye. 

I'm thrilled to say that I've received what I think is a substantial amount of donations from the bit of press and social media.  It's quite heart warming.  I've also had an increase in traffic on the Checkered Eye Project website recently so I think this little awareness booster has been a success before I even go the the airport!

I'm looking forward to wearing my checkered outfit, complete with checkered high heels and outrageous hat, and talking to lots of people!   

A very moving day!

I did it!  I moved the plane!

I’m looking at it much like a metaphor for the Checkered Eye Project. I set out to do it on my own, and with the help of some generous individuals, things got rolling!

My turn to pull the plane was the last on the schedule so I had lots of time to mingle and enlist assistants. This was the most moving part of the day because every single person I asked to help said yes. I’d tell them about the checkered eye and that I was doing this to improve awareness. They said yes to both my request to help spread the word and to help me move the plane on the off chance that I couldn’t do it on my own.

I enlisted such great help from the crowd that once the blocks were off the wheels, that plane was moving fast! It was over in seconds! Then there were hugs and high fives and the announcer even let me on the mic to have a bit of a say about the white cane and the checkered eye.

All in all, it was a wonderful day for me and the Checkered Eye Project. Even though I didn’t catch the eye of any journalists, I had a great time meeting new people, informing them about the checkered eye, and getting to wear some custom couture!!

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