Attention People With Low Vision

Since the Checkered Eye emblem is new, we who are using it now are pioneers! There are always challenges for those “breaking the trail”, and those who follow will benefit from our efforts.

We will need to be patient as the public education process takes place. In some cases, we may need to point out the emblem, and perhaps explain
its meaning. These moments are opportunities to educate. 

We must also remember to wear our Checkered Eye in a place where it's most likely to be noticed. Close to your face i.e. on a collar or lapel, seem to be effective places.

Some may have concerns about identifying their disability to the general public. I find that no one pays much attention to what kind of accessories passers by are wearing! Those with whom you interact face to face will generally be the ones who notice the Checkered Eye.

We are working initially to bring awareness of the emblem, specifically to service industries such as retail stores, restaurants, banks, hospitals, etc. The goal is to have it recognized worldwide.  We expect this will be an ongoing process for many years, so any help in spreading the word is appreciated. Tell all your friends!

Thanks for checking out the Checkered Eye website!


Libby Thaw

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