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The Checkered Eye Project

People wearing this symbol have partial blindness aka low vision.




On a recent stay in Toronto, I was unattended by my usual sighted guide and favorite human, my hubby Ray.  I used my ID cane quite a lot as it’s the best thing for traffic safety, and I was walking around very busy parts of the city.  I also kept it in hand when I entered malls, stores, and other buildings.  I found that when I had the cane out, I didn’t need to explain, or should I say convince people that I can’t see well. 

I found that in some cases people went overboard with how much they wanted to help.  Lovely.

However, more than once, when I didn’t have my cane out and mentioned that I have impaired vision, it was like the person didn’t believe me.  There were also the situations in which I did have my cane in hand, and met a person behind a counter that obscured their view of the cane.  I was regularly getting demonstrations of the need for a recognized symbol close to my face!

After the wonderful accommodation received from those who apparently thought I'm totally blind, it felt strange to return to having to explain and convince people that I actually do need their help.


I love the idea of keeping any interested parties informed, through this blog, about current CEP goings on.  I also quite like the idea that I can post the occasional bit of CEP history here.  The possibility of this being an interactive forum has excited me as well.  So I'm sure you can imagine my delight each time a comment has come in.  At first I got them one at a time, which was great.  There was no need to dedicate a long stretch of time to going through, approving or editing them, and of course composing responses to those for which one was required.

Then one day I noticed a comment had come in.  But wait, ten came in at the same time!  Wow!  I was thrilled.  I'd handed out some pamphlets recently, so I thought maybe a bunch of those people read the blog and commented!  So cool!

Can you see what's coming?  When I went in to read the comments I quickly realized that I'd been bombed by some nasty spammer! 

Thank goodness for my trusty tech support guy, Phil (of Digital Expression).  He did some of his technical magic, and I haven't received any more of those disappointing clusters of gobbledygook and sales pitches!

I am more than willing by the way to spend the time it takes to address any comments that do come in, so comment away!

I just posted a new video here and on Youtube.  It's a video promo by Rick Mercer.  Check it out.  More about that next blog post.

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  • Comment by Brenda on Mar 31, 2013

    Well written Libby! And good on ya to make so many people aware of the necessity for GLOBAL awareness of low vision. :)

  • Comment by King Abel on Apr 11, 2013

    Great clip by Rick. Good for you, Libby. I hope the word continues to spread.


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