A small room with two tables covered with papers, padded envelopes, and boxes of checkered eyes.

My teeny little office got turned into a full-blown production line this week when the Checkered Eye Project got flooded with orders from across Canada.

The 30 second checkered eye awareness spot we produced a few years back qualifies as a public service announcement. CTV apparently had some space to fill this week and generously aired it numerous times on national tv.

The response was almost overwhelming but I put my head down and got busy meeting the requirements of the day.

There were phone calls, e-mails, Facebook tags and comments.

We got offers to help, words of gratitude and congratulations, and only one snarky message! An excellent ratio I’d say!

We’ve never had this big a response to any other moment of publicity. There is a plan in the works to do fundraising and purchase some ad time this year, but I have a feeling we may not be able to afford another round of whatever it was we got for free this week!

Thank you so much CTV!