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The Checkered Eye Project

People wearing this symbol have partial blindness aka low vision.




I recently started ice skating for a bit of exercise.  My hubby Ray and I go to the one hour “older adult skate” a few times a week.  It’s a good thing they don’t call it “mature adult skate” because Ray’s such a goofball they’d never let him in for that.

Being your average Canadian girl, I skated as a kid, mostly on outdoor rinks and frozen ponds.  My Dad would make a rink in our backyard too so I even played a bit of hockey with the family and neighborhood kids.  I can’t recall exactly the circumstances but I’m pretty sure I did a bit of figure skating; it might have been in phys. ed. class.  What I’m saying is that I’m not a complete beginner at skating.

I’ve been having a bit of knee trouble lately so before going I just thought I’d want to be super careful not to wipe out or even have a near wipe out.  I didn’t want to twist my knee or bang it up at all.   I was glad I wouldn’t have any little kids to avoid and felt confident that I’d be able to see my way around and any slow moving skaters I might have to maneuver past. 

You know what I didn’t expect to have trouble seeing?  My laces!  Obviously I haven’t been skating since my sight has diminished to the point where such detail is lost for me. So I’d just yank on the laces I’d get a hold of, figure if I was tightening or not, regrip and keep going.  Getting just one hook at a time on the upper part of the boot, or the next one in order was a crap shoot.  I actually worked up a bit of a sweat fastening up the blades!  And since I was being so careful watching my surroundings as I skated, I never bothered glancing down to see if the laces were coming loose – of course I wouldn’t have been able to see that, would I!  So I was easily able to keep my mind from wandering off to my “to do” list or anything in the past or future because I was making sure to notice my present surroundings and whether or not my skates felt like they were still on tight!  It makes for a very meditative hour.

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