I recently had someone make a comment on one of my blog posts. They called me a fraud. They sent a second comment saying “Don't support this women she a fraud.... I've watched her bike around Port Elgin.”

This person not only seems to be ignorant of good spelling and grammar, they also demonstrate the ignorance of the blindness spectrum that necessitates a huge public education process.

I personally have enough useful eyesight that it is safe for me to ride my bike along with my fully sighted hubby. I am also fortunate enough that my BFF lives in a location so close and so easily accessed, that I can ride there on my own.

I have chatted with people who are well past the threshold of legal blindness, such that they need a guide dog or mobility cane to get around independently, yet are able to read regular books.

A while back there was a photo going around that showed a woman holding a white mobility cane and using a cell phone. There were lots of judgemental comments indicating that people were sure this lady was faking her blindness.

It was almost 23 years ago when I had the conversation that inspired the origin of the checkered eye symbol for low vision. It was between me and two other ladies who also have low vision. We each had stories of situations in which our blindness was either not recognized or we were accused of faking it.

Sometimes I want to throw myself on the ground and have a hissy fit…


We are making progress!

More and more people I encounter know what the checkered eye is even before I open my big mouth to tell them all about it.

I had such a sweet moment on the sidewalk last week when a little boy asked me “is that a walking stick?”

The conversation that ensued was delightful and lengthy. He and his younger brother were very curious and full of earnest helpful hints. When I asked their Mom if she knew about the checkered eye, she said yes. So I told her she could go to the website and if the boys had more questions, e-mail me there.

There’s hope people!

Keep passing along the info.

Blindness is a spectrum, and

both the white cane and checkered eyei

indicate their user is on that spectrum.


P.S. I wonder how my blog post commenter would feel if they saw me using power tools.