I met a fellow recently who said he heard that the checkered eye had been featured on Oprah!  I’m pretty sure I would have known about that, being the head honcho of operations at the international Checkered Eye Project headquarters here in my empty nest!  So I happen to know that this fellow was mistaken. 

I told him so at the time and also mentioned that I’ve been trying to get a hold of Ms. Winfrey for years.  I wrote to her through the show she did for 25 years, but not since she finished that particular project.  I also made a video about 10 years ago, part of which is on Youtube.

After persistent requests, Canadian comedian Rick Mercer taped a promo for The CEP in 2013.

 Among many  attempts to enlist the help of famous people, I also did a video of a song I wrote for a certain Canadian radio show host who has fallen into scandal.  I tried contacting Oprah and others because I figure that people who have some degree of celebrity have easier access to the attention of the masses, and I just need a little bit of that!   Maybe it’s time to try to get a hold of a different celebrity; it’s kind of fun doing the productions and you never know w