My vision’s not the clearest

But if I get really close to my dearest

I can see his facial expression,

Usually meaning “too close Lib” I’m guessin’!

And shopping can sometimes be taxing,

Not an action I choose for relaxing.

But browsing for purses I’ll work through

Reading price is the tough part for me to do

So the trusty wee loupe in my pocket

Ensures that this job I will rock it!

Then when I am out of the store

Dodging traffic is sometimes a chore

So my white cane ensures I feel serene

While I stand and await a “fresh green”

Most fellow pedestrians have sight

And may figure I can’t see the light

So I probably won’t risk my safety

Just to try not to look like a dumb lady.

Then once I am safely indoors

And purses attract me some more

If my white cane is folded away

And I choose one and then go to pay

If I need help and the cashier asks why

That’s when I point out my checkered eye.

If he doesn’t know I’ll tell him what it means

And then once again I’m serene.