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The Checkered Eye Project

People wearing this symbol have partial blindness aka low vision.



A post by Sam Thaw

 The above photo depicts 18 yesar old Sam Thaw helping his mother Libby by reading receipts while she completes documnents for the Checkered Eye Project tax return.  This blog post was written by Sam.

 To have a parent with low vision comes with advantages and disadvantages. The latter consist of things that could be looked upon as chores, but, have made me sensitive to and aware of other people’s needs, whether they are mental or physical. Advantages include being able to sneak a little "something something" by her in the night or free 411 for our family. The so called chores consist of helping my ma cross the road or walking with her somewhere, reading articles or labels to her.

Being able to sneak something by her use to come in handy when I was younger, trying to get three cookies instead of two and sneaking paraphernalia past her. But as I grew older I realized that I felt guilty using her visual acuity to my mischievous gain. That realization was a good lesson for me. It taught me that just because you can cheat, and not get caught, doesn’t mean you should. I took that lesson and transferred it to cards, video games, and day to day life.

The chores I do to help my mother are quite easy, though as a selfish youth I sometimes secretly loathed the moment my mother wanted me to walk or read with and for her. As I grew older, I became aware that this was something I could do to make my mother’s life easier and more comfortable. I’m now happy to help her out doing whatever she needs. These chores have also made me more aware of what other people need. For example help an elderly person by grabbing something heavy or out of their reach for them.  All in all I feel like having a parent with low vision is a good experience, thanks for everything ma.



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  • Comment by Brenda on May 30, 2013

    Well written Sam! Atta boy!! xo

  • Comment by Rosalind Zaugg on Jul 1, 2013

    Hi Sam,

    I'm a partially-sighted woman living in Switzerland, who got to know your mother through the Checkered Eye projetct, I have a great deal of admiration for what she has achieved. I have a daughter, a few years older than you, and I've often wondered how she feels about helping me out. Probably her feelings are similar to yours, and I certainly think that she has turned out to be a kind and considerate adult, because consideration for others becomes an automatic reflex when you have grown up with it.

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