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The Checkered Eye Project

People wearing this symbol have partial blindness aka low vision.



A change of blog format

“Blog” is a shortened version of the term “web log”.  To me a log is a record of what happened when. I keep a log of all checkered eye phone calls for example, containing dates, phone numbers, and details of the conversations.  I’m noticing that the common use of the term log in the contemporary word blog is different.  This is why I have felt like I should choose a topic that is relevant to the Checkered Eye Project (CEP) and write a little essay or article each month. 

I think writing stuff like that is fine however I think I will go more toward the roots of the word blog and do a bit of simply logging what’s been going on.

Some of the entries may be brief like: All the CEP did this month was send orders, including one for a custom t-shirt bearing the checkered eye, had a few conversations with an enthusiastic supporter of the CEP who works for CNIB, and got the Mount Forest Chamber of Commerce to publish a blurb.  Some might be even more brief but really exciting like: This month I was invited to a face to face meeting with the Senior Director of Health and Wellness Promotion at Loblaws Company Limited where she agreed to come up with a “communication” regarding the checkered eye and its meaning for distribution in 2016.

So, sometimes I may still write an essay.  Other times I’ll record the CEP activities of the month.  You never know, I may still post a photo or two.

In case you’re wondering, all of the above noted CEP activities did happen in September 2015.

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