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The Checkered Eye Project

People wearing this symbol have partial blindness aka low vision.



Prevailing Problem

I am struggling again with trying to convince a chamber of commerce that the information I’m asking them to make available to their members will benefit them and their customers with low vision.  If one of the services that this chamber provides is information distribution, and they charge a fee for this, why should they do it for free for the Checkered Eye Project?  Does it really serve “the greater good”?  Well of course I think so but I’m not doing so well at convincing some people.

I feel like I’m offering a “tip” that can be of good use, however, in the request to pass it along, I guess I’m asking something of others.  Regardless of my intention I am asking for a favor; a favor that is “help me do something helpful”.

The biggest problem is proving that I’m not a scammer.  We hear so often about cheaters that it’s understandable to find skepticism when you want to offer something, even when the something is as seemingly harmless as information.

Still working on it…

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Goofy poem

My vision’s not the clearest

But if I get really close to my dearest

I can see his facial expression,

Usually meaning “too close Lib” I’m guessin’!

And shopping can sometimes be taxing,

Not an action I choose for relaxing.

But browsing for purses I’ll work through

Reading price is the tough part for me to do

So the trusty wee loupe in my pocket

Ensures that this job I will rock it!

Then when I am out of the store

Dodging traffic is sometimes a chore

So my white cane ensures I feel serene

While I stand and await a “fresh green”

Most fellow pedestrians have sight

And may figure I can’t see the light

So I probably won’t risk my safety

Just to try not to look like a dumb lady.

Then once I am safely indoors

And purses attract me some more

If my white cane is folded away

And I choose one and then go to pay

If I need help and the cashier asks why

That’s when I point out my checkered eye.

If he doesn’t know I’ll tell him what it means

And then once again I’m serene.

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I recently started ice skating for a bit of exercise.  My hubby Ray and I go to the one hour “older adult skate” a few times a week.  It’s a good thing they don’t call it “mature adult skate” because Ray’s such a goofball they’d never let him in for that.

Being your average Canadian girl, I skated as a kid, mostly on outdoor rinks and frozen ponds.  My Dad would make a rink in our backyard too so I even played a bit of hockey with the family and neighborhood kids.  I can’t recall exactly the circumstances but I’m pretty sure I did a bit of figure skating; it might have been in phys. ed. class.  What I’m saying is that I’m not a complete beginner at skating.

I’ve been having a bit of knee trouble lately so before going I just thought I’d want to be super careful not to wipe out or even have a near wipe out.  I didn’t want to twist my knee or bang it up at all.   I was glad I wouldn’t have any little kids to avoid and felt confident that I’d be able to see my way around and any slow moving skaters I might have to maneuver past. 

You know what I didn’t expect to have trouble seeing?  My laces!  Obviously I haven’t been skating since my sight has diminished to the point where such detail is lost for me. So I’d just yank on the laces I’d get a hold of, figure if I was tightening or not, regrip and keep going.  Getting just one hook at a time on the upper part of the boot, or the next one in order was a crap shoot.  I actually worked up a bit of a sweat fastening up the blades!  And since I was being so careful watching my surroundings as I skated, I never bothered glancing down to see if the laces were coming loose – of course I wouldn’t have been able to see that, would I!  So I was easily able to keep my mind from wandering off to my “to do” list or anything in the past or future because I was making sure to notice my present surroundings and whether or not my skates felt like they were still on tight!  It makes for a very meditative hour.

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